There is so many hosting services that spirited the website and their work on internet. Features and functions of hosting services are of different types, client use them to get editing of their websites. But in the field of so many web hosting services, two most well-known services categorized by are Linux Re seller Hosting and Windows Re seller Hosting.

Linux Re seller Hosting is best hosting services for years. Linux Re seller Hosting users are in millions; they are using these services and satisfied with services. On the other hand Windows Re seller Hosting is also gives a good response to clients. Best thing in hosting services, they have machines to give their services without interruption. It is guaranteed by web hosting services that they give you services like, you are online for whole day without any pauses and interruption.

Operating system of Linux Re seller Hosting and Windows Re seller hosting services is the difference on the server and re seller hosting services, clients should pay serious attention to the operating system of web services. 

View of server’s operating system

You are using these two services and working on your computer whole day, their server is not different to use. If client want to go for other services, they can go for it. If they are using Linux Re seller Hosting and Windows Re seller Hosting services they can choose one from them.

Some features which are set difference between Linux Re seller Hosting and Windows Re seller Hosting:


Linux Re seller Hosting services have customization option which does not have in Windows Re seller Hosting. This is the difference between these two web hosting services. From this option client can make himself a admin on web hosting services and develop their site on their own creativity.  Windows Re seller Hosting service have not an option to be an admin, if client can easily use this service without admin, they can go for this service.

Use of applications:

Linux Re seller Hosting gives a good platform for customers and client can add many applications to their hosting services. So many applications installed in server, client can easily choose application and installed on their hosting service and use it easily.


Linux Re seller Hosting services are time to time updated and their priority is to satisfy customers. They also maintain their stability, while providing services.

·         NET benefit

This application works best for Windows Re seller Hosting.  In .NET application window works best and gives quick services to the clients than Linux services. if client want to make web applications, they can use this services to make a web applications.


Linux Re seller Hosting is cheaper than Windows Re seller hosting service. If clients have low budget than they can choose Linux Re seller Hosting, it’s free for the clients. Clients do not pay for operating system. If client go for Windows Re seller hosting service, it is slightly higher in price because they provide additional features to clients.


Clients are more satisfied with the services, where they can get security for their application and data. Client feels more secure on those services. Linux Re seller Hosting services are advanced and they provide more security to their clients to get loyalty of clients.

Linux Re seller Hosting and Windows Re seller hosting services have strength and weaknesses. They do their best to satisfy their clients and give more ease to use their services. Likewise if you are using Linux Re seller hosting .

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