Best Universities In Canada

Royal Roads University

Master of Arts in Higher Education and Leadership:

his is two years programmed and it includes 33 credit hours in the completion of this programmed.This degree gives knowledge and skills for enhancing the leadership qualities in students. The university provides a good environment for students and gives a platform to improve their working skills and work in coordination with each other.  When students get higher education in certain fields, then they are capable to make decisions in the organization. They think critically about matters they face in an organization and solve them with evidence-based decisions.

Collaboration with the current leaders in the field, masters of arts in higher education and leadership gives professional to:

In a higher educational environment: the university examines the relationship between theory and practice.

Enhance skills and aptitude in the work environment.

The issues faced by professionals in education, they can understand and able to resolve them.

The research they provide them and them critically asses them which will helpful for the higher education leadership and practice in the related field.

There are two options in this program which allows a candidate to choose a specialization in Business Development or specialization in system Leadership in Higher Education. Selecting from these two programs including research or thesis.

Business education in International development is ideal for those students who take a keen interest in enhancing leadership skills.

System Leadership in Higher Education is ideal to see meaningful change in education.


Students understand the educational improvement concepts and research and also apply practical tools and strategies. Graduating students facilitate with development and implementation of shared values.

They all work in a larger community and build effective relationships in the institution.

Meaningful self-assessment and self-awareness to enhance their skills and professional goals.

Contact details: 


2005 Spoke Road

Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2


Smith School of Business: Smith School of Business at Queen’s University has recognized the best university in Canada. They are providing a business degree across the world. Students have done master’s degrees in this smith school of Business University and complete academic credentials and experience. This business school is the most prestigious degree in Canada MBA and other graduate programs and this university is also one of the largest and most respected providers of education.

Smith schools of business recognize as a topmost business school. the business school also maintains 100  respected business schools in 37 countries and welcomes 300 international students in this business school to come and get higher business degrees. Students are also appearing in global business projects. 650 students travel across the world every year.

Smith School of business is best in research work and enhances the qualities of leadership. Students are working across the world and get access to numerous resources and efforts. Smith School provides unique programs and offers different features and options that are not available anywhere else. Smith School of business has been a pioneer and working in team-based and experiential learning. They include these approaches in all of its programs. They also use options of video conference technology and have enabled the School to take an MBA degree across the world and North America. Smith School is also giving the double degree options to students through the vast school network.

Contact details:

Smith School of Business

Goods Hall

Queen’s University

Kingston, Ontario

Canada K7L 3N6

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