Prime minister Kamiyab Jawan Programme

Largest population ever recorded in the history of Pakistan. It is the youngest country in south Asian region after Afghanistan. 68% is total population of the country below 30 year of age and 32 percent is of 15 to 29 years. Now its agenda of prime minister Imran Khan is ensuring the people for socio economic empowerment of youth is at national and international level. Youth affairs ministry is abolished and transferred to provinces because every young individual in country can take benefit from this programmed. Youth problem is to be resolved and their rights is to be ensured by this programmed.

When Imran Khan came to in power, their priority for youth is at highest level, he ensured to youth to facilitate financially at any stage. When youth is in progress, country wills also progressing; young talent is coming forward and takes part in any field. They begin youth empowerment at national level. Prime minister set special assistant as us man dark on this youth affairs programmed. Under their supervision, they all can work hardly for success of this programmed. They do consultation at every stage like at local, national and also international level for this youth indulge programmed. They sort out problem, which are facing youth and resolve these problems at any stage. After the problems sort out, Prime Minister Team resulted this programmed for youth. National Youth Development Framework is based on three principles like Education, Employment and engagement. Through Prime Minister Kamiyab Jawan Programmed, they can create job opportunities for youth and opens the door of Socio Economic Empowerment for youth.

Prime Minister Imran Khan vision is to empower youth and provides quality education, employment and engagement in progression of country.

Prime Minister’s


Prime Minister Iran Khan vision for the youth, this programmed is developed under the Kamiyab Jawan Programme. Youth is getting interest free loans from this programmed, where they engage into “Hunar Se Karbora Tak”.  Three main departments collaborated for this programmed. Their name is (PPAF) Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, and collaboration of the state bank of Pakistan with 3 banks like national bank, bank of Punjab, bank of Khyber included in this programmed. Small and medium enterprises development authority are collaborated together to provide loan to youth and give them easy environment for set a successful business.

Training in High Technology and End Technology:

50000 youth is engaged in this programmed to get training in  Artificial Intelligence, 3D Painting, Block Chain, Robotics and Mechatronics. From these trainings, they get opportunities of job at national and international level.

Skill Development for less developed areas:

This skill development programmed is targeted 50000 youth from less developed areas like Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and less developed districts of all provinces. They train hand on skills in convention centre, manufacturing textile, domestic skills for women.

Accreditation of 2,000 TVET Institutes:

3700 institutes, which are giving vocational trainings and technical trainings regarding to the needs of youth. GOP is ensured to upgrade 500 institutes annually.

Technical and vocational stream is set to regulate and framed to help out youth in these trainings. It is framed in 2015 and now working on the mainstream for youth.

Mainstreaming of madness students is also main priority of this programmed. They establish 70 workshops, and labs for skills and counseling

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